World War II Memorials
[These men gave their lives over New Guinea] 
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 Tom Lynch was commander of the 39th Squadron at age 21. He was killed in action March 4, 1944.
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Bob Faurot was awarded the Air Medal for the first P-38 combat kill in SWPA. He was killed in action March 3, 1943.
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2/Lt John H. Mangas

LAST CALL OVER LAE picture by Michael Claringbould.


 "On January 8, 1943, 2/Lt John H. Mangas of the 39th Fighter Squadron went missing over Lae shortly after formation leader 1/Lt Hoyt Eason called on all his aircraft to assemble and return to Port Moresby. Eason made the call at approximately 1820 hours, just on dusk. Mangas was last seen (to) continue making passes at Japanese fighters, and disappeared in clouds on the return to Port Moresby."
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Aerothentic Research & Aviation Art specializes in WWII history and markings, specifically those related to the USAAF Fifth Air Force. Michael John Claringbould is the chief author and graphic artist. Please see their web site at for further details.

Lt Lee Costly Haigler

Lee Haigler died in service on November,13, 1943, flying his P-38 aircraft on an escort mission off New Guinea. His flight encountered a storm and he and his aircraft were lost without a trace.
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 Billy Richards died a hero on August 23, 1944, by taking out a machine gun nest with his plane in order to protect other flyers
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